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unPython: Converting Python Numerical Programs into C

Rahul Garg - University of Alberta, Canada
Jose Nelson Amaral - University of Alberta, Canada

unPython is a Python-to-C compiler intended for numerical Python programs. The compiler takes as input type-annotated Python source and produces C source code for an equivalent extension module. The compiler is NumPy-aware and can convert most NumPy indexing or slicing operations into C array accesses. Furthermore the compiler also allows annotating certain for-loops as parallel and can generate OpenMP code thus providing an easy way to take advantage of multicore architectures.


R Garg, J Amaral, unPython: Converting Python Numerical Programs into C in Proceedings of the 7th Python in Science conference (SciPy 2008), G Varoquaux, T Vaught, J Millman (Eds.), pp. 73-76

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