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Multiprocess System for Virtual Instruments in Python

Brian D'Urso - University of Pittsburgh, Department of Physics and Astronomy, 3941 O'Hara St., Pittsburgh, PA 15260 US

Programs written for controlling laboratory equipment and interfacing numerical calculations share the need for a simple graphical user interface (GUI) frontend and a multithreaded or multiprocess structure to allow control and data display to remain usable while other actions are performed. We introduce Pythics, a system for running "virtual instruments", which are simple programs typically used for data acquisition and analysis. Pythics provides a simple means of creating a virtual instrument and customizing its appearance and functionality without the need for toolkit specific knowledge. It utilizes a robust, multiprocess structure which separates the GUI and the back end of each instrument to allow for effective usage of system resources without sacrificing functionality.


B D'Urso, Multiprocess System for Virtual Instruments in Python in Proceedings of the 8th Python in Science conference (SciPy 2009), G Varoquaux, S van der Walt, J Millman (Eds.), pp. 76-80

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