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Proceedings of the 20th Python in Science Conference (SciPy 2021)

Meghann Agarwal, Chris Calloway, Dillon Niederhut, David Shupe

July 12 - July 18

Austin, Texas


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How PDFrw and fillable forms improves throughput at a Covid-19 Vaccine Clinic 1
Haw-minn Lu, José Unpingco

Using Python for Analysis and Verification of Mixed-mode Signal Chains 6
Mark Thoren, Cristina Suteu

Modernizing computing by structural biologists with Jupyter and Colab 14
Blaine H. M. Mooers

signac: Data Management and Workflows for Computational Researchers 23
Bradley D. Dice, Brandon L. Butler, Vyas Ramasubramani, Alyssa Travitz, Michael M. Henry, Hardik Ojha, Kelly L. Wang, Carl S. Adorf, Eric Jankowski, Sharon C. Glotzer

Accelerating Spectroscopic Data Processing Using Python and GPUs on NERSC Supercomputers 33
Daniel Margala, Laurie Stephey, Rollin Thomas, Stephen Bailey

MPI-parallel Molecular Dynamics Trajectory Analysis with the H5MD Format in the MDAnalysis Python Package 40
Edis Jakupovic, Oliver Beckstein

Natural Language Processing with Pandas DataFrames 49
Frederick Reiss, Bryan Cutler, Zachary Eichenberger

CLAIMED, a visual and scalable component library for Trusted AI 58
Romeo Kienzler, Ivan Nesic

PyCID: A Python Library for Causal Influence Diagrams 65
James Fox, Tom Everitt, Ryan Carey, Eric Langlois, Alessandro Abate, Michael Wooldridge

Social Media Analysis using Natural Language Processing Techniques 74
Jyotika Singh

PyBMRB: Data visualization tool for BioMagResBank 81
Kumaran Baskaran, Jonathan R Wedell, Eldon L. Ulrich, Jeffery C. Hoch, John L. Markley

Conformal Mappings with SymPy: Towards Python-driven Analytical Modeling in Physics 85
Zoufiné Lauer-Baré, Erich Gaertig

Programmatically Identifying Cognitive Biases Present in Software Development 94
Amanda E. Kraft, Matthew Widjaja, Trevor M. Sands, Brad J. Galego

PyRSB: Portable Performance on Multithreaded Sparse BLAS Operations 106
Michele Martone, Simone Bacchio

Classification of Diffuse Subcellular Morphologies 115
Neelima Pulagam, Marcus Hill, Mojtaba Fazli, Rachel Mattson, Meekail Zain, Andrew Durden, Frederick D Quinn, S Chakra Chennubhotla, Shannon P Quinn

Monitoring Scientific Python Usage on a Supercomputer 123
Rollin Thomas, Laurie Stephey, Annette Greiner, Brandon Cook

Training machine learning models faster with Dask 132
Joesph Holt, Scott Sievert

Multithreaded parallel Python through OpenMP support in Numba 140
Todd Anderson, Tim Mattson

CNN Based ToF Image Processing 148
Marian-Leontin Pop, Szilard Molnar, Alexandru Pop, Benjamin Kelenyi, Levente Tamas, Andrei Cozma

Cell Tracking in 3D using deep learning segmentations 154
Varun Kapoor, Claudia Carabaña