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Papyri: better documentation for the scientific ecosystem in Jupyter

Matthias Bussonnier
QuanSight, Inc
Digital Ours Lab, SARL.

Camille Carvalho
University of California Merced, Merced, CA, USA
Univ Lyon, INSA Lyon, UJM, UCBL, ECL, CNRS UMR 5208, ICJ, F-69621, France


We present here the idea behind Papyri, a framework we are developing to provide a better documentation experience for the scientific ecosystem. In particular, we wish to provide a documentation browser (from within Jupyter or other IDEs and Python editors) that gives a unified experience, cross library navigation search and indexing. By decoupling documentation generation from rendering we hope this can help address some of the documentation accessibility concerns, and allow customisation based on users' preferences.


Documentation, Jupyter, ecosystem, accessibility



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