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Codebraid Preview for VS Code: Pandoc Markdown Preview with Jupyter Kernels

Geoffrey M. Poore
Union University


Codebraid Preview is a VS Code extension that provides a live preview of Pandoc Markdown documents with optional support for executing embedded code. Unlike typical Markdown previews, all Pandoc features are fully supported because Pandoc itself generates the preview. The Markdown source and the preview are fully integrated with features like bidirectional scroll sync. The preview supports LaTeX math via KaTeX. Code blocks and inline code can be executed with Codebraid, using either its built-in execution system or Jupyter kernels. For executed code, any combination of the code and its output can be displayed in the preview as well as the final document. Code execution is non-blocking, so the preview always remains live and up-to-date even while code is still running.


reproducibility, dynamic report generation, literate programming, Python, Pandoc, Markdown, Project Jupyter



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