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A New Python API for Webots Robotics Simulations

Justin C. Fisher
Southern Methodist University, Department of Philosophy


Webots is a popular open-source package for 3D robotics simulations. It can also be used as a 3D interactive environment for other physics-based modeling, virtual reality, teaching or games. Webots has provided a simple API allowing Python programs to control robots and/or the simulated world, but this API is inefficient and does not provide many \textquotedbl{}pythonic\textquotedbl{} conveniences. A new Python API for Webots is presented that is more efficient and provides a more intuitive, easily usable, and \textquotedbl{}pythonic\textquotedbl{} interface.


Webots, Python, Robotics, Robot Operating System (ROS), Open Dynamics Engine (ODE), 3D Physics Simulation



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