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Proceedings of the 18th Python in Science Conference (SciPy 2019)

Chris Calloway, David Lippa, Dillon Niederhut, David Shupe

July 8 - July 14

Austin, Texas


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Accelerating the Advancement of Data Science Education 1
Eric Van Dusen, Anthony Suen, Alan Liang, Amal Bhatnagar

Case study: Real-world machine learning application for hardware failure detection 5
Hongsup Shin

Expert RF Feature Extraction to Win the Army RCO AI Signal Classification Challenge 13
Kyle Logue, Esteban Valles, Andres Vila, Alex Utter, Darren Semmen, Eugene Grayver, Sebastian Olsen, Donna Branchevsky

Deep and Ensemble Learning to Win the Army RCO AI Signal Classification Challenge 21
Andres Vila, Donna Branchevsky, Kyle Logue, Sebastian Olsen, Esteban Valles, Darren Semmen, Alex Utter, Eugene Grayver

Analyzing Particle Systems for Machine Learning and Data Visualization with freud 27
Bradley D. Dice, Vyas Ramasubramani, Eric S. Harper, Matthew P. Spellings, Joshua A. Anderson, Sharon C. Glotzer

CAF Implementation on FPGA Using Python Tools 34
Chiranth Siddappa, Mark Wickert

Developing a Graph Convolution-Based Analysis Pipeline for Multi-Modal Neuroimage Data: An Application to Parkinson's Disease 42
Christian McDaniel, Shannon Quinn, PhD

pyjanitor: A Cleaner API for Cleaning Data 50
Eric J. Ma, Zachary Barry, Sam Zuckerman, Zachary Sailer

Codebraid: Live Code in Pandoc Markdown 54
Geoffrey M. Poore

Solving Polynomial Systems with phcpy 62
Jasmine Otto, Angus Forbes, Jan Verschelde

Optimizing Python-Based Spectroscopic Data Processing on NERSC Supercomputers 69
Laurie A. Stephey, Rollin C. Thomas, Stephen J. Bailey

A Real-Time 3D Audio Simulator for Cognitive Hearing Science 77
Mark Wickert

An intelligent shopping list based on the application of partitioning and machine learning algorithms 85
Nadia Tahiri, Bogdan Mazoure, Vladimir Makarenkov

Parameter Estimation Using the Python Package pymcmcstat 93
Paul R. Miles, Ralph C. Smith

PyLZJD: An Easy to Use Tool for Machine Learning 101
Edward Raff, Joe Aurelio, Charles Nicholas

Parkinson's Classification and Feature Extraction from Diffusion Tensor Images 107
Rajeswari Sivakumar, Shannon Quinn

PyDDA: A new Pythonic Wind Retrieval Package 111
Robert Jackson, Scott Collis, Timothy Lang, Corey Potvin, Todd Munson

Better and faster hyperparameter optimization with Dask 118
Scott Sievert, Tom Augspurger, Matthew Rocklin

Visualization of Bioinformatics Data with Dash Bio 126
Shammamah Hossain

PMDA - Parallel Molecular Dynamics Analysis 134
Shujie Fan, Max Linke, Ioannis Paraskevakos, Richard J. Gowers, Michael Gecht, Oliver Beckstein