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  • Optimal Review Assignments for the SciPy Conference Using Binary Integer Linear Programming in SciPy 1.9, Matt Haberland, and Nicholas McKibben

  • Contributing to Open Source Software: From not knowing Python to becoming a Spyder core developer, Daniel Althviz Moré

  • Semi-Supervised Semantic Annotator (S3A): Toward Efficient Semantic Image Labeling, Nathan Jessurun, and Olivia P. Dizon-Paradis, and Dan E. Capecci, and Damon L. Woodard, and Navid Asadizanjani

  • Bioframe: Operating on Genomic Interval Dataframes, Nezar Abdennur, and Geoffrey Fudenberg, and Ilya M. Flyamer, and Aleksandra Galitsyna, and Anton Goloborodko, and Maxim Imakaev, and Trevor Manz, and Sergey V. Venev

  • Likeness: a toolkit for connecting the social fabric of place to human dynamics, Joseph V. Tuccillo, and James D. Gaboardi

  • pyAudioProcessing: Audio Processing, Feature Extraction, and Machine Learning Modeling, Jyotika Singh

  • Kiwi: Python Tool for Tex Processing and Classification, Neelima Pulagam, and Sai Marasani, and Brian Sass

  • Phylogeography: Analysis of genetic and climatic data of SARS-CoV-2, Wanlin Li, and Aleksandr Koshkarov, and My-Linh Luu, and Nadia Tahiri

  • Design of a Scientific Data Analysis Support Platform, Nathan Martindale, and Jason Hite, and Scott Stewart, and Mark Adams

  • Opening ARM: A pivot to community software to meet the needs of users and stakeholders of the planet's largest cloud observatory, Zachary Sherman, and Scott Collis, and Max Grover, and Robert Jackson, and Adam Theisen

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