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Proceedings of the 13th Python in Science Conference (SciPy 2014)

Stéfan van der Walt, James Bergstra

July 6 - 12

Austin, Texas




Preface 1
Andy Terrel, Jonathan Rocher, Stéfan van der Walt, James Bergstra

Scientific Computing with SciPy for Undergraduate Physics Majors 2
G William Baxter

BCE: Berkeley's Common Scientific Compute Environment for Research and Education 5
Dav Clark, Aaron Culich, Brian Hamlin, Ryan Lovett

Measuring rainshafts: Bringing Python to bear on remote sensing data 13
Scott Collis, Scott Giangrande, Jonathan Helmus, Di Wu, Ann Fridlind, Marcus van Lier-Walqui, Adam Theisen

Teaching numerical methods with IPython notebooks and inquiry-based learning 19
David I. Ketcheson

Project-based introduction to scientific computing for physics majors 25
Jennifer Klay

Hyperopt-Sklearn: Automatic Hyperparameter Configuration for Scikit-Learn 32
Brent Komer, James Bergstra, Chris Eliasmith

Python Coding of Geospatial Processing in Web-based Mapping Applications 38
James A. Kuiper, Andrew J. Ayers, Michael E. Holm, Michael J. Nowak

Scaling Polygon Adjacency Algorithms to Big Data Geospatial Analysis 45
Jason Laura, Sergio J. Rey

Campaign for IT literacy through FOSS and Spoken Tutorials 51
Kannan M. Moudgalya

Python for research and teaching economics 59
David R. Pugh

Validated numerics with Python: the ValidiPy package 65
David P. Sanders, Luis Benet

Creating a browser-based virtual computer lab for classroom instruction 72
Ramalingam Saravanan

TracPy: Wrapping the Fortran Lagrangian trajectory model TRACMASS 79
Kristen M. Thyng, Robert D. Hetland

Frequentism and Bayesianism: A Python-driven Primer 85
Jake VanderPlas

Blaze: Building A Foundation for Array-Oriented Computing in Python 94
Mark Wiebe, Matthew Rocklin, TJ Alumbaugh, Andy Terrel

Simulating X-ray Observations with Python 98
John A. ZuHone, Veronica Biffi, Eric J. Hallman, Scott W. Randall, Adam R. Foster, Christian Schmid